MERCURY MEDIA is a South African creative consultancy and design studio based in the heart of KZN, Drummond, that helps national and international businesses achieve meaningful and enduring impact. We bring to our clients’ toughest challenges the acumen, rigor, and preparedness of a premier business design agency – and the spirit, courage, and imagination of a world-class creative studio.


Our Mission:

Think smart, design & develop meaningful  and impactful visual concepts to clients and customers who need the services of a professional creative design agency.

Our Vision:

Inspire and touch people through innovative and creative design.

Our Core Business Values:

  • We do what we say.
  • We do it with integrity.
  • We put our heart and passion to it.
  • We keep it simple, usable and accessible.


We bring life to brands, developing logos, identities, and personalities. But we do more than that... we write the words, draw the pictures, take the photographs. We design, illustrate, distribute. We can get you seen in the press or noticed at an exhibition. In short, we do everything to make your brand shine brighter.

Services offered: 

  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • General DTP
  • 3D Render Design: POP retail, Product & Packaging
  • Outdoor Adverting: Billboards, Street pole, banners, flags, vehicle
  • Digital: Presentations, Video, Social, Web design & development


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